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William Anthony  - Fine Binder

Edited by Lawrence Yerkes

Published by:  University of Iowa Libraries; 2005

Description:  Paperback-wraps.  Measures 10" W x 10 1/2" H; 70 pages.  

Profusely illustrated with color photos (about 50)

Beautiful examples of Anthony's various bindings and the techniques he used.  

Includes glossary of book terms.

Beautiful book.

Price:  $39.75  (plus s/h)

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William Anthony Fine Binder - cover of book Wonderful gift for the bibliophile

Published to celebrate the sesquicentennial of
the University of Iowa Libraries and
commemorate the 21st anniversary of the
Conservation Lab, this lavishly illustrated
paperback volume contains over 100 exquisite
color photographs of the work of master book
binder and Conservation Lab founder Bill

70 pages - 10 in. w x 10.5 in. h. Smyth-sewn
paper binding 2 black-and-white photos of
William Anthony.
102 color photos of 63 books and details of
books (39 fine bindings, 7 edition bindings, 12
conservation bindings, and 5 historical models).
Descriptive text for each book includes title,
author, publisher, date of publication, date of
binding, materials used, methods used, and
dimensions. A glossary of terms, a title index,
and a timeline of Anthony's professional history
are included.
Typical binding of William Anthony
From exhibition held at University of Iowa

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